Anemine Live

Here is a sequence of the concert we did in the wonderful Kulturkirche Buchforst in Cologne. We played an electronic Live Set in the context of the Vernissage of Beate Prantner. Enjoy !

Review on “a closer listen”

Great REVIEW of Anemine’s new album on acloserlisten:
acloserlisten logo How does one react upon hearing the news that a favorite novel has inspired an album?  At first, with trepidation, the same reaction one might have toward a film version.  And then, if the project is worthy, relief, followed by gratitude.
 Cologne duo Anemine was inspired by Alessandro Baricco’s Oceano Mare (Ocean Sea).  The album title (translation: SeaWidths) is a German play on words.  The 1993 novel plays with expectations of narrative and flow, imitating the sea through its prose.  The setup may be relatively simple ~ a group of unrelated characters converge at the Almayer Inn, and their mysteries are gradually revealed.  But the originality of Barrico’s characters and the elegance of his writing makes this work a modern classic.  Anemine brings the themes of the novel to life while retaining its mysterious nature.  At first, the album seems disjointed due to its many styles – but everything comes together in the end, just as it does in the novel.l….


The actual album MeeresWeiten will be released on 14.03.2014 on Lemongrassmusic


Anemine are happy to announce the release of the new album MeeresWeiten on March 14th on Lemongrassmusic. Anemine will play several gigs in late spring and summer to present the new album.

Watch out for new tourdates and upcoming projects.

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